ZS3 Specialties



With every pixel in focus from skin line to depth appropriate for abdominal scans the ZST+ based Resona 7 brings more uniform and premium ultrasound imaging to all radiology applications  across a broad spectrum of body types and patient ages from neonate to geriatric. Moreover, imaging presets, a gesture-driven touch screen, and powerful unique workflow features are all user customizable resulting in increased exam efficiency and patient throughput.

With a full family of transducers, its lightweight, small footprint cart, ease of portability, WiFi capabilities, and extended battery life, the ZS3 is ideally suited for taking premium quality imaging to the patient’s bedside.



The ZS3 system offers a premium vascular diagnostic solution, from the largest of patients to the smallest. It provides a variety of applications in the hospital setting, outpatient center or private office. Outstanding image quality and super-sensitive Doppler capabilities permit reliable and accurate evaluation of cerebrovascular, abdominal, retroperitoneal and pelvic vasculature as well as peripheral vascular structures from their proximal origins distally to the fingers and toes.



Imaging restless children and obtaining high quality, motion-free images is challenging. With award winning ZONE Sonography Technology (ZST), uniform imaging with unmatched resolution and Doppler sensitivity is possible at frame rates ideally suited for pediatric exams. Active children are no match for Advanced Acoustic Acquisition™, which eliminates motion artifacts, and Dynamic Pixel Focusing™, which provides optimal focus for every pixel across the image, providing a unique clinical advantage in every examination.