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Ultrasound Technology That Evolves with You

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If technology has a standard shelf life of 18 months, can your department afford to keep every ultrasound system up to date? More importantly, can you afford not to?

According to Moore’s law, computer processing speeds double roughly every 18 months1 . It stands to reason that, without updates, the mobile phone within arm’s reach of you will be running on outdated technology in less than 550 days. This same logic can be applied to ultrasound technology.

When Was Your Last Update?

The average life span of an ultrasound machine is around seven years. That means that your ultrasound machines may be facing over 2,000 days of dated technology without regular software enhancements. Unfortunately, ultrasound updates, software fixes and enhancements can cost an average of $10,000 per system annually, quickly making an affordable system or set of systems unmanageable in the long-run.

A Mission in Motion

While the healthcare industry has been making a steady, decades-long shift from volume to value, Mindray has been steadfast in our mission to advance medical technologies to make high-quality healthcare more accessible. With reimbursement rates declining and hospitals feeling pressure to cut costs while managing increasing patient volumes, clinicians continue to look to ultrasound for a cost effective, real-time alternative to more invasive diagnostic solutions. But with the increase of it’s prevalence and clinicians’ reliance, how can shrinking budgets support the continuous evolution of ultrasound technology? Enter Mindray.

A Modern Solution

At Mindray, we equip our partners and their clinicians with ultrasound solutions they won’t soon outgrow. Living TechnologyTM is Mindray’s approach to easily upgradable ultrasound enhancements based on our advanced, proprietary technologies. These upgrades secure product investment protection by ensuring that Mindray ultrasound systems remain at the leading-edge of imaging performance excellence throughout the life cycle. As clinicians continue to provide outstanding care, they shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not the ultrasound system they’re working with is up-to-date and reliable. And hospital finance departments shouldn’t have to worry about being able to afford to keep every ultrasound machine system-wide up-to date. Technology should make the job easier, give peace of mind, and empower you and your teams to work and care for your patients with confidence.

Let’s Get to It

How exactly does our Living Technology work? Mindray offers a five-year warranty on every ultrasound system – this warranty includes our Living Technology promise. Standard software updates are of course included at no charge, but above and beyond that, we want to give you and your teams five years of software enhancements including:

  • Image quality improvements
  • Workflow automation
  • Scanning efficiencies

As Mindray continues to innovate, evolve and enhance our ultrasound solutions, we want you to remain at the cutting edge of imaging performance excellence – free of charge. In addition, Mindray has a global team of researchers and engineers who are always working to develop brand new technologies that support you in your efforts to provide world-class care. These brand new software offerings are purchasable and can be added on to your existing system if not available at time of system purchase. Once purchased, these new technologies will be covered under your original five-year promise. Regardless of the upgrade or enhancement, your Mindray team will be there for you, ensuring your system has the software it needs and your clinical team has the support they need to find success with these new tools.

You Deserve Peace of Mind

In 2018, Radiology Business released a report that evaluated five years of radiology-related medical professional liability claims. It was found that 80% of all diagnosis-related claims stemmed from the misinterpretation of clinical tests. Additionally, 80% of missed diagnosis claims in radiology result in either permanent injury or death2 . In situations like those stated above, there are countless variables. Don’t let your equipment reliability be one. Mindray is dedicated to providing world-class ultrasound solutions that meet the clinical and financial needs for a diverse range of healthcare institutions. We’re determined to provide better healthcare for all and, with ultrasound, this means working tirelessly to ensure your software is the best it can possibly be. The ability to continue providing outstanding care for your patients shouldn’t be a race against the technological clock. Let us solve tomorrow’s problems today.



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