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The ZS3 Ultrasound System Diamond Edition 2.0 is the ultimate imaging platform combining premium performance and mobility for today’s demanding ultrasound environments. Equipped with next generation ZONE Sonography® Technology+ (ZST+), the ZS3 System takes image clarity to new heights across a broad spectrum of body types from pediatric to bariatric. With every pixel in focus to imaging depths up to 40cm, the ZS3 System delivers unsurpassed image quality for the widest range of clinical applications.

The ZS3 Radiology Ultrasound System is a smaller, lightweight system that glides into place. An extended battery combined with rapid transition times results in increased exam efficiency and patient throughput.

ZS3 Diamond 2.0

Advanced Technologies

Clinical Certainty Within Reach


Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Elastography

ARFI Elastography* with quantification is a non-invasive method of assessing liver tissue stiffness. Using real time imaging as a guide, ARFI automatically calculates liver tissue stiffness values (AVG, MEAN, and IQR) for a predetermined region of interest. Multiple samples can be recorded and displayed in a report.

* Available on the C4-1 transducer

ZS3 Image: ARFI of right liver lobe using C4-1
Right lobe of the liver with ARFI (C4-1)


Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound

Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS), Mindray’s unique approach to contrast imaging, allows clinicians to obtain the information needed with a lower dose of the contrast agent. CEUS is now available on all imaging transducers (1-20MHz).

ZS3 Image: CEUS of liver lesion using C6-1
Enhanced liver lesion with CEUS (C6-1)

HD Scope

A proprietary Mindray technology, enhances B-mode tissue characterization and improves spatial and contrast resolution in a specific region of interest.

ZS3 Image: Carotid plaque with HD Scope
Carotid plaque with HD Scope (L8-3)

Sound Speed Compensation

Automatically detects and analyzes different tissue characteristics to determine optimal signal speed needed for improved image quality.

ZS3 Image: Dense Liver with Sound Speed Compensation
Dense liver with Sound Speed Compensation
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Always With You

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System Warranty

The ZS3 Ultrasound System Diamond Edition comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty* and includes coverage on system and parts, standard transducers, and on-site labor for cart repairs.

Living Technology™

In addition, based on Living Technology**, all Mindray ultrasound systems include 5 years of software updates to ensure that our customers remain at the cutting-edge of imaging performance excellence throughout the product’s entire life cycle.

* Standard 5-year warranty is available for systems purchased directly from Mindray North America. Warranties for systems purchased from Mindray authorized agents can vary.

** Upgrades, such as new application packages and hardware, are optional purchases.

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