To ensure the best scanning experience possible, we offer a wide range of useful accessories for the Mindray ultrasound platforms.

Transducer Biopsy Guides

We have partnered with Civco Medical Systems and Protek Medical Products for disposable needle guides, transducer covers, ultrasound supplies and other accessories.

For ordering information, please click on the links below.

Protek Disposable Biopsy Guides for the Resona 7 Ultrasound System

1-535-7273 Starter Kit-Mindray L14-5WU
1-535-7274 Starter Kit-Mindray L9-3U
1-535-7278 Starter Kit-Mindray SC6-1U[AS1]

General Purpose Needle Guides for Zonare transducers

Infiniti™ AccuSITE™ Ultra-Pro II™
C9-3 L8-3 C4-1
L14-5sp C6-2

Endocavity Needle Guides for E94
Disposable | Reusable