Our Private Office Ultrasound Solutions

As a clinician, you are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of today’s healthcare environment and rely on outstanding medical devices and technologies to do so. At Mindray, we develop meaningful ultrasound solutions to help you provide timely answers and elevate patient care. Mindray’s innovative, accessible ultrasound machines deliver exceptional image quality with a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced technologies to help clinicians improve reproducibility, optimize productivity, and achieve consistency.

Our office-based ultrasound machines are built on the same platforms and have several of the advanced technologies leading hospitals and health systems use today. From entry-level systems to sophisticated cart-based and touch-enabled systems, our comprehensive portfolio of office-based ultrasound machines are an excellent choice to meet the diverse needs of your private practice or clinic.

We have partnered with industry-leading and local distributors to serve our office-based customers best. This model benefits our customers, facilitating a streamlined process, more flexibility for payment, quicker access to inventory, faster shipping time, and a local representative who can provide resources when needed.

Our Cart-Based Systems

Mindray offers several ultrasound solutions to meet the imaging needs of the private office that deliver high-resolution imaging across general imaging, women’s imaging, and shared service applications.

Imagyn I9

Breaking the mold of conventional ultrasound systems and bringing usability and ergonomics into the limelight, the Imagyn I9 provides an entirely new experience driven by innovation.

DC-88 Ultrasound System photo


The DC-88 Ultrasound System with X-Insight focuses on clinician requirements, such as providing a comprehensive and dedicated ultrasound solution to enhance diagnostic confidence.

DC-70 With X-Insight

Based on insight from ultrasound professionals, the DC-70 With X-Insight is designed to deliver precision imaging and improve efficiencies in today’s demanding ultrasound environment.

DC-40 Ultrasound System photo


Combining a wide range of clinical application packages, auto measurement tools, and on-board education software, the DC-40 makes ultrasound exams accurate, efficient, and accessible with exceptional capability.

Our Portable Systems

When portability is key to your ultrasound needs, Mindray has choices designed to enable seamless scanning. From durable laptop designs to intuitive, touch-enabled ultrasound systems, Mindray offers solutions to fit into your workflow and meet your budgetary requirements. These systems offer comprehensive and powerful functionality in a small footprint – from POC to shared service and cardiology.

Recommended Products

With advanced system processing and newly designed adaptive algorithms, the M8 Elite offers users a fully-featured platform with premium image quality.

The MX8 Ultrasound System is a specialty-focused, portable system designed for either cardiovascular or musculoskeletal imaging. The MX8 boasts advanced applications, a customizable touchscreen, and is powered by revolutionary software-based beamformer technology, ZST+.

With a customizable touchscreen and revolutionary, software-based beamformer technology, the MX7 System combines excellent image quality with an intuitive user experience to help ensure reliable and efficient diagnosis during the most challenging exams.

The Z60 Ultrasound System is a versatile, hand-carried Color Doppler System that successfully blends powerful software packages, transducer technology, and ease-of-use.

This innovative, high-performance Ultrasound System engineered provide outstanding image quality and a complete information management solution to help you get the insights you need.

DP-30 Power ultrasound system

Combining image quality, ease-of-use, and extreme mobility with a focus on user experience and flexibility, the DP-30 System enables seamless scanning from room to room and patient to patient.

With a slim profile and small footprint, the tablet-based TE5 Ultrasound is easy to transport from room to room for effortless
scanning at the patient’s bedside.

Experience peace of mind and see something better with Mindray Private Office Ultrasound.