Telemetry/Intermediate Care Solutions

Managing the contradiction between delivering improved patient outcomes, elevating staff productivity, and operating in a complex cost-constrained environment is paramount for healthcare organizations. The Mindray BeneVision DMS Telemetry Platform was developed to address these challenges, with technology that meaningfully impacts the quality and delivery of care. Display telemeters provide real-time vital signs data patient-side, enabling clinicians to spend more time engaging with their patients. With standard onboard arrhythmia detection and alarms, our telemeters can be deployed as wearable patient monitors, minimizing risk during patient ambulation and transport.

Traditional telemetry solutions make it difficult to transition patients between bedside monitor and telepack. Based on your optimized workfl­ow – wirelessly synchronize our telemeters with in-room patient monitors and supplemental devices (NIBP/SpO2) or utilize common ECG lead sets that are compatible across our device platform – all with little to no patient disruption.  Lastly, BeneVision telemetry solutions enable immediate access to data via applications that can be deployed on laptops, tablets, and smartphones assisting clinical collaboration across the hospital enterprise, providing quality care everywhere.

Enriched Staff Satisfaction

Clinician-centric design eases workflow and reduces complexity with sensor and device deployment specific to patient acuity level.

Improved Patient Outcomes

The BeneVision telemetry platform enables shorter time-to-treatment by providing immediate access to timely and relevant data at the patient’s side.

Design-driven Patient Safety

Meaningful features such as real-time device location, on-board arrhythmia detection, and “virtual fence” drive purposeful risk-reduction and support optimized patient safety.

Positive Patient Experience

The ability to easily flex from bedside to ambulatory monitoring and back as conditions change, with minimal disruption, contributes to a better experience.

Increased Staff Productivity

Smart technology streamlines time-consuming activities such as report generation, caliper measurements, and shift-change handoffs, improving the efficiency and productivity of your team.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

From equipment acquisition to installation to deployment and long-term maintenance, BeneVision telemetry solutions provide best-in-class performance value across the industry.

Enhance Productivity – One Device, Three Applications

With an onboard arrhythmia algorithm and built-in bidirectional wireless capability, BeneVision telemeters provide adaptable functionality. Sensor – paired to a BeneVision N-Series bedside monitor, telepacks act as a front-end ECG, HR, SpO2, and Respiration sensor, simultaneously transmitting data to an in-room monitor for display, the centralized monitoring station, and to all deployed remote applications. Wearable Patient Monitor – during ambulation or transport, the telemeter behaves as wearable patient monitor with onboard arrhythmia detection and alarms. Telepack – 3.5-inch touchscreen display provides immediate review of essential patient data at bedside, including waveforms, tabular trends, events, alarm limit settings and patient demographics.
BeneVision TM70 Telemetry Transmitter
BeneVision TM80 Telemetry Transmitter
BeneVision Telemetry

Access to Data Anywhere Supports Improved Outcomes

BeneVision telemeters inherently provide clinicians immediate access to timely and relevant patient data including visual confirmation of electrode signal quality, historical events, real-time waveforms, alarm settings, and protected access to Protected Health Information (PHI). The telemeter, combined with customized workstations in the department or remote workstations between facilities, significantly reduces the need for verbal communication with centralized monitoring staff or isolated review at the nurse’s station. For remote viewing, our tablet/laptop and smartphone software applications (CMS Viewer and Mobile App) provide real-time comprehensive or clinician-centric views of your patient’s data and support both iOS and Android platforms.
BeneVision CMS Mobile App
BeneVision CMS Viewer
BeneVision Telemetry

Reduce Risk Associated with Monitoring Ambulating Patients

Proactive strategies to minimize patient risk are paramount when implementing an effective telemetry monitoring system. Display telemetry with local alarms and arrhythmia detection empowers the clinician to make decisions right at the bedside. The BeneVision telemetry platform also has integrated features that you can choose to deploy, with no additional software licensing fees or upfront cost. Continuous and active telepack location is an inherent element of the BeneVision DMS software and wireless network, providing immediate locality information within the patient sector or tile. Wireless access points can also be configured as a “virtual fence” so that an alarm or alert will trigger should a patient move beyond the coverage area or enter a restricted area. Lastly, via initiation at the centralized monitoring workstation, our “Find Telepack” feature can be evoked, prompting the telepack to audibly announce its location.
BeneVision TM70 Telemetry Transmitter
BeneVision TM80 Telemetry Transmitter
pdf_downloadBeneVision Telemetry Brochure

Transition Patients with Minimal Disruption

Solutions that positively impact the clinician/patient interaction are imperative and increasingly relevant in all healthcare environments. Utilizing Mindray’s ECG mobility cable, a patient can easily migrate between a bedside or transport monitor (BeneVision N-Series) to a telepack and back by simply relocating the ECG cable between devices; patient-connected electrodes and leadwires remain untouched. NIBP measurements can also be acquired unobtrusively using the miniature, standalone BP10 module which can pair wirelessly with the BeneVision Telepack and immediately send acquired NIBP readings via the transmitter to the EMR. For ambulating patients who require additional monitoring such as SpO2, simply attach the applicable parameter cable to any telepack to immediately begin continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation, without switching devices.
BeneVision Telemetry
BeneVision N1
pdf_downloadBeneVision TM70 Product Sheet
pdf_downloadBeneVision TM80 Product Sheet
pdf_downloadBeneVision Telemetry Brochure

Automated Electronic Documentation Enhances Productivity

Charting patient vitals, physically printing/annotating strips, and preparing end-of-shift reports are tedious and burdensome tasks that negatively impact productivity. The BeneVision telemetry platform supports the generation of configurable and commonly used digital reports, end-of-shift event reporting, and also provides digital calipers, largely eliminating much of the manual work traditionally associated with charting and shift changes.
BeneVision Telemetry
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Industry-Leading Total Cost of Ownership Delivers Superior Financial Outcomes

The ability to deliver high quality healthcare while maintaining financial wellbeing has never been more critical. Therefore, when assessing the viability of any patient monitoring solution, one must have a clear understanding of the total cost of ownership. With this in mind, Mindray provides best-in-class capability along with unprecedented value. Our patient monitoring systems are designed to integrate to your current network infrastructure, carry no recurring annual licensing fees, and come standard with built-in features to reduce equipment loss. These solutions include smart software tools that provide for centralized deployment of software updates, configuration settings, and monitoring of installed assets. Additionally, by utilizing universal and common IT components and providing customers credit for historical acquisitions, Mindray supports future departmental and facility expansions at a fraction of the cost of competitive expansions.
Cleaning and Disinfection
BeneVision Telemetry

Exceptional Service & Support

Purchase from Mindray includes comprehensive clinical training by Mindray’s specialists.  Additionally, technical remote support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no charge.

Our dedicated field service team and in-house technical support organization represent one of the largest direct service teams in the industry.  Individually and collectively they are committed to enhancing patient care while protecting your investment.