Radiology Ultrasound Machines

Mindray’s comprehensive portfolio of Radiology ultrasound machines delivers industry-leading technology and solutions that meet the diverse demands of your department, and evolving needs of your patient population. Our ultrasound machines deliver crystal clear imaging capabilities, streamlined workflow, and advanced technologies – all included in our 5-year state-of-the-art guarantee. See how Mindray is empowering higher standards in productivity, quality of care, patient outcomes, and cost containment.

Recommended Radiology Ultrasound Machines

Our flagship Resona 7 Radiology Ultrasound Machine Sapphire Edition delivers outstanding performance across a wide variety of clinical applications. Exceptional image clarity with unrivaled detail resolution and uniformity is at the heart of what we do so well and paired with an industry-leading investment protection plan, you’ll quickly see how the Resona 7 is helping change patient care.

The ZS3 Radiology Ultrasound Machine Diamond Edition is the ultimate imaging platform combining performance and mobility. Equipped with next-generation ZONE Sonography® Technology+ (ZST+), the ZS3 takes image clarity to new heights across a broad spectrum of body types from pediatric to bariatric in a small, lightweight design.

The DC-90 Radiology Ultrasound Machine with X-Insight delivers comprehensive performance across multiple specialties, in a sleek, compact design. Equipped with a robust set of advanced technological features, the DC-90 empowers hospitals to provide outstanding patient care through innovative and accessible ultrasound.

Radiology Ultrasound Machines for Healthcare Professionals.