Medical/Surgical Department Solutions

Mindray focuses on applying disruptive technologies to solve real-world healthcare challenges. Given the range of patient and operational responsibilities within a general care environment, including managing patients with comorbidities, maintaining accurate patient records, and delivering high-quality care, we understand you are often being asked to do more with less. That’s where workflow efficiency becomes essential and monitoring capabilities required to observe a diverse patient set must be able to easily flex based on clinical need.

Our vital signs, telemetry, bedside, and centralized monitoring offerings have been specifically designed with these prerequisites in mind. Mindray solutions focus on increasing productivity and efficiency to help offset declining clinician-to-patient ratios, improve staff satisfaction, and enhance clinical workflow. Rely on Mindray for smart technologies to navigate across your complex patient population and deliver a higher standard of care.

Enhanced Staff Productivity and Satisfaction

Electronic vital signs documentation, direct from bedside to EMR, automates clinical workflow, reduces transcription errors, and enables increased efficiency.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Practical monitoring solutions facilitate rapid identification of changes in a patient’s condition, supporting an optimized return to health.

Minimized Risk with Encrypted and Secure Connectivity

With flexible, simplified, and secure connectivity options, the flow of accurate clinical information is streamlined, enabling a timely and complete patient record, all while safeguarding Patient Health Information (PHI).

Optimized Efficiency

Adaptive, easy-to-use devices, with common user interfaces, help clinicians work intuitively and efficiently across the BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System platform, minimizing training time, and helping to reduce errors.

Positive Financial Impact

Our industry-leading warranties, low acquisition costs, elimination of annual licensing fees, and the ability to deploy on your existing network architecture, all contribute to a reduced total cost of ownership and maximized equipment longevity.

A Focus on Patient Safety

Manufactured utilizing industry-leading, chemical-resistant resins, Accutorr 7 is compatible with the broadest range of commonly utilized cleaners and disinfectants.

Automated Vital Signs

Automated Vital Signs Documentation Streamlines Workflow

With VS9, vital signs acquisition and transmission to your EMR is as simple as connect, capture, and send. Utilizing an integrated medical-grade barcode scanner, clinicians simply scan the patient’s wristband for automatic patient verification, acquire vital signs and transmit data wirelessly, directly into the EMR, all from the point of care. This streamlined process seamlessly integrates with your normal workflow, reduces errors, and eliminates the need for manual entry of data into the EMR. VS9’s logical and intuitive user interface helps minimize staff training, enabling clinicians to spend less time interacting with the monitor and more time tending to patients. Finally, used in conjunction with Mindray’s vital signs rolling stand designed for enhanced cable management and additional storage, VS9 is a powerful portable solution for this dynamic patient care environment.
VS9 Vital Signs Monitor
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Flexible Monitoring Options Reduce Risk and Improve Outcomes

Patients presenting with comorbidities and elevated acuity levels, along with post-surgical patients utilizing opioids for pain control, are commonplace in Med/Surg care areas. As a result, clinical need for continuous monitoring coverage on the general care floor has largely become the norm. CO2 monitoring is the gold standard for measuring respiration and is frequently used to observe at-risk patients for early detection of opioid-induced respiratory depression.
The VS9 Vital Signs Monitor is designed to provide the flexibility to shift from episodic spot check to continuous monitoring instantly, based on your patient’s condition. With built-in ability to communicate directly with the Benevision Distributed Monitoring System (DMS), centralized aggregated monitoring of any patient’s vital signs is available, mitigating risk and ensuring a seamless patient record.
VS9 Vital Signs Monitor
BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System
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Adaptable Interoperability Solutions Facilitate IT Consolidation

Mindray offers progressive interoperability solutions between hospital ADT and EMR systems and includes integration via direct HL7 or the Mindray eGateway. Effectively managing patient demographics and EMR results data, the eGateway supports communication from our devices to hospital systems ensuring a complete, accurate, and consistent patient record, with encryption to safeguard PHI. With 2.4/5 GHz wireless capabilities, the VS9 delivers the flexibility to reside on your hospital’s existing network infrastructure or a Mindray-installed wireless network.
Mindray’s partnership with EMR solution providers enables a streamlined process for integrating the VS9 Vital Signs Monitor with your hospital’s EMR, all with no recurring licensing fees. The VS9 integrates with the Cerner® CareAware VitalsLink® platform to automate the collection and documentation of spot check vital signs data to save time, improve clinical workflow and reduce errors.
VS9 Vital Signs Monitor
eGateway Integration Solution
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Smart Technology to Effectively Manage Overflow Patients

The capability to effectively manage overflow patients requiring continuous ECG monitoring (telemetry) is pervasive for Med/Surg Departments and oftentimes challenging to implement. Mindray’s BeneVision Telemetry Transmitters offer advanced technology for early detection of a patient’s changing condition. Like the VS9 Vital Signs Monitor, all transmitters are compatible with the BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System (DMS) providing remote monitoring of Med/Surg patients from the Centralized Monitoring Room. As all BeneVision telemetry transmitters come equipped with a 3.5-inch color display, clinicians can also directly view ECG, respiration, and SpO2 waveforms and historical trends and alarms patient-side, facilitating communication with remote staff. Two-way wireless communication allows patient admission remotely or directly at bedside, supporting your optimal workflow.
BeneVision Telemetry
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Industry-Leading Total Cost of Ownership

With 40 years of vital signs monitoring experience, Mindray understands how to deliver clinician-centric, cost-effective solutions that withstand the rigorous hospital environment. The VS9, manufactured using disinfectant-resistant polymers, coupled with industry-leading warranties, and supported by outstanding technical and clinical resources, provides best-in-class total cost of ownership. Simple and smart connectivity solutions are available with no recurring connectivity licensing fees, making seamless integration a true possibility, no matter your facility size nor budget. In addition, Mindray’s complete line of high-performance, quality supplies, and accessories means Mindray is fully-equipped to be your true partner in creating a higher standard for healthcare.
• VS9 Vital Signs Monitor
Cleaning and Disinfection
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Mindray CARE Team Support

When you invest in Mindray solutions, you gain access to the Mindray CARE Team – a service organization dedicated solely to ensuring you get the most use out of your equipment, so you can ensure your patients get the most out of their care. Our best-in-class technology, well-tenured team, and progressive approach to service solutions create deeply embedded partnerships that put client-side uptime as our top priority.

Mindray takes pride in providing exceptional support and service throughout our partnership. With a dedicated team of clinical technology specialists, field service engineers, and in-house technical support specialists, we are committed to ensuring your systems are operating smoothly and providing a timely and effective response when necessary. At Mindray, our relationship begins before the sale and grows throughout our journey together, ensuring peace of mind and our deep commitment. Our success is based on your success.