Critical Care Solutions

Delivering high-quality, value-based care in the Critical Care Department has never been more essential. The complexity of care, escalating patient acuity, staffing gaps, and high unit censuses are additional stressors in an already challenging environment that can impact workflow, efficiency, and outcomes. Mindray understands this and delivers solutions specialized for Critical Care. We focus on providing intelligent bedside, transport, and ambulatory solutions that provide caregivers immediate access to real-time patient data in any setting or location, all within a common platform architecture.

Mindray’s premier BeneVision N-Series Patient Monitoring Platform is the inspired result of innovation and exceptional efficiency. Additionally, the ME8, TE X, and TE7 Max Ultrasound Systems are excellent choices for the required versatility and fast-paced demands of the Critical Care Department. Together, we are creating a higher standard for healthcare.

Enhanced Clinician Satisfaction

Mindray empowers clinicians by delivering industry-leading, innovative technologies at the point of care. BeneVision N-Series is the first-ever patient monitoring system to incorporate smartphone-like, touchscreen technology across all its monitors, enabling exceptional ease-of-use for caregivers.

Improved Patient Outcomes

With N-Series patient monitors at bedside and BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System providing surveillance across the department, essential information is at the clinician’s fingertips supporting timely and accurate assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for improved outcomes.

Design-Driven Patient Safety

Minimizing risk on transport requires the right monitoring equipment. The BeneVision N1 Monitor/Module accompanies patients throughout the care path, helping to keep them safe while mitigating the challenges associated with patient transition.

Positive Patient Environment

Purposefully-designed and easily-accessible features in the BeneVision N-Series monitors support a silent ICU concept that creates a quiet, calm surrounding for both patients and family members.

Increased Clinician Productivity

BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System WorkStations are scalable and user-configurable, supporting efficient inter-departmental communication concerning patient conditions, saving time and improving clinician productivity.

Fiscally-Responsible Solutions

Our industry-leading warranties, low acquisition costs, absence of licensing fees and ability to utilize existing network architecture, all contribute to a reduced total cost of ownership.

Leveraging Technology for Increased Clinician Satisfaction

Mindray solutions start with people. We strive to empower clinicians by delivering industry-leading, innovative technologies directly at point-of-care. The BeneVision N-Series is the first-ever patient monitoring system to incorporate touchscreen technology with smartphone-like, multi-gesture control across all monitors, delivering exceptional ease-of-use to your patient care workflow. Customizable views with multiple display options, up to 26 configurable quick keys, and access to 90% of common monitor functions in just 2 steps serve to reduce precious minutes spent searching for data and performing key functionality. Swipe, scroll, and drag to instantly see numeric, graphical and events trend data quickly and easily. With a user interface that is common across the BeneVision N-Series and the BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System, navigation is intuitive and consistent, alleviating concerns regarding staff learning curves and the management of patient information and reporting between devices.

Timely and Precise Patient Care for Improved Outcomes

Predictors of patient conditions identified early, lead to meaningful treatment interventions that support improved patient outcomes. N-Series optimizes essential patient monitoring at bedside by offering an extensive catalog of advanced monitoring parameters suitable for all levels of critical care. N-Series Clinical Assistive Applications (CAA) deliver clinical decision tools at bedside to support timely and accurate assessment, diagnosis, and treatment across various organ systems. 12-lead ECG interpretation, ST monitoring and ST segment templates, arrhythmia analysis with QT/QTc and atrial ­fibrillation detection provide a detailed view of a patient’s cardiovascular state. BeneVision N-Series and the BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System together enable clinical experts across multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate and deliver specialized care, thus improving patient outcomes.

Comprehensive Transport Functionality Supports Patient Safety

As transport of critically ill patients carries inherent risk, it is recommended that the same level of physiological monitoring at bedside continues on transport.* The BeneVision N1’s patient-centric design allows the robust onboard parameter set to move with the patient, supporting full bedside monitoring functionality even during departmental transitions. Sliding the N1 from the bedside monitor instantly converts it to a connected wireless transport monitor, maintaining continuity of data with the BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System and your EMR. Real-time patient data is continuously and simultaneously transmitted and stored within the N1, ensuring holistic capture of patient data even if network data gaps or dropouts occur during transport. Return of the N1 to the N-Series beside monitor automatically initiates data backfills so that the final patient record remains intact.

*Guidelines for the inter- and intrahospital transport of critically ill patients* Jonathan Warren, MD, FCCM, FCCP; Robert E. Fromm Jr, MD, MPH, MS; Richard A. Orr, MD; Leo C. Rotello, MD, FCCM, FCCP, FACP; H. Mathilda Horst, MD, FCCM; American College of Critical Care Medicine

Elevating the Patient Care Environment

Critical Care departments require monitoring solutions that reduce noise and limit distractions to promote a healing environment, lowering the chance of patient delirium and hemodynamic instability. BeneVision N-Series beside monitors have integrated privacy and night mode settings that darken the display and quiet alarms with one touch, instantly creating a silent ICU environment that is calm and soothing for patients and family members. The BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System Workstations are configurable to deliver bidirectional access and control of N-Series bedside monitors from the nurse’s station allowing audio/visual alarms to occur remotely, eliminating unnecessary disturbances. Independent display and workstation options enable clinicians to extended viewing and interaction to outside the patient room, reducing environmental noise and limiting interruption of set quiet times.

Patient-Centric Technology for Enhanced Clinical Workflow

When access to critical patient data is delayed, patient admission, discharge, and staff shift changes can be adversely impacted, effecting patient and caregiver satisfaction. The BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System provides clinicians with role-based and secure access to comprehensive patient data and multiple reporting options. Con­figurable with more than 20 functions, BeneVision DMS WorkStations support a secure and thorough patient summary report at shift change to improve efficiency of data review and assessment. Upon transfer of patients between departments, the system can be configured so corresponding receiving units have visibility to historical patient information, improving communication and streamlining new unit admissions.

Fiscally-Responsible Solutions for Optimized Investment

Mindray realizes the challenges our partners face in delivering best-in-class patient care while proactively controlling capital spending. Our BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System is designed as a scalable, modular system that utilizes a common network architecture that can stand alone or seamlessly integrate with your IT infrastructure and EMR, without additional annual licensing fees. The BeneVision N-Series family of patient monitors comes with a standard 5-year warranty and incorporates feature-inclusive software packages ensuring that future departmental and facility expansions can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of comparable manufacturers. We also offer premium support options including on-site clinical inservice and biomedical engineer training, post-warranty service plans and 24-7 access to Mindray field service engineers and clinical on-call services.

Expand the Possibilities with Ultrasound

The Critical Care environment presents many challenges for clinicians when delivering patient care. To combat these challenges, innovation must take center stage to help elevate patient outcomes. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of ultrasound solutions designed to provide superior performance for rapid, confident decisions. Our ultrasound solutions deliver exceptional image quality and easy-to-use advanced technology to ensure clinicians have the information needed to provide confident answers and diagnoses. From our easy-to-use, accessible, touch-based TE-Series, to our hybrid touch-friendly ME8, and M9 Premium imaging solution, Mindray Ultrasound has you covered. The TE-Series and ME8 Ultrasound Systems are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered smart tools, and sealed user interfaces, providing Critical Care clinicians with the tools they need to assess patients quickly and reliably.

Exceptional Service & Support

Purchase from Mindray includes comprehensive clinical training by Mindray’s specialists.  Additionally, technical remote support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no charge.

Our dedicated field service team and in-house technical support organization represent one of the largest direct service teams in the industry.  Individually and collectively they are committed to enhancing patient care while protecting your investment.