Vascular Center at Mercy Unveils New Resona 7 Ultrasound Systems for Diagnosis of Circulatory Diseases

Baltimore, MD – August 23, 2018 – Mercy Medical Center, a nationally recognized medical facility, has announced the installation of five premium Resona 7 ultrasound systems from Mindray for the hospital’s Vascular CenterPaul R. Lucas, M.D., FACS, RPVI, Director, The Vascular Center at Mercy has announced.

Ultrasound is a vital diagnostic tool for identifying and ultimately treating a variety of circulatory system disorders including stroke and mini-strokes, poor circulation, leg swelling or pain and blockages.

According to Dr. Lucas, Mercy has been named as the first radiology National Luminary site for the Mindray company in the U.S., meaning “Mercy will work with Mindray to discover innovative clinical applications of vascular ultrasound as the technology continues to evolve over the next five years,” he said.

“With this cutting-edge technology, it’s like going from regular TV to ultra-ultra high definition television, providing us with greater image and clarity than CT scans and other screening modalities,” Dr. Lucas added.

The Resona 7 model features ZONE Sonography® Technology (ZST), the foundation of the Resona 7 and other Mindray systems, providing improved diagnostics, “even in the most challenging cases. The system is extremely durable and provides excellent image quality, improving patient outcomes,” Dr. Kurtis Kim, MD, FACS, RPVI, the Director of the Vascular Ultrasound Laboratory at Mercy, said.

In addition, the new ultrasound features a special upgrade, which allows physicians to measure arterial stiffness using “R-VQS,” (radiofrequency data-based quantitative analysis on vessel stiffness). Arterial stiffness is a sign of aging and heart disease risk factors can hasten this process.

“This new system allows us to evaluate a patient’s arterial stiffness non-invasively. We are excited about this industry first tool and what it could mean for vascular clinicians in helping to diagnose disease. With Todd Hall, BS, RVT, RPhS, the Technical Director of the Vascular Laboratory at Mercy, we are partnering with Mindray to research the potential of this powerful technology,” said Dr. Alain Tanbe, MD, RPVI, endovascular and vascular surgeon at The Vascular Center at Mercy.

Doctors Alain Tanbe, Paul R. Lucas, and Kurtis Kim of Mercy Vascular Center.


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