Resona 7 Specialties



With every pixel in focus from skin line to depth appropriate for abdominal scans the ZST+ based Resona 7 brings more uniform and premium ultrasound imaging to all radiology applications  across a broad spectrum of body types and patient ages from neonate to geriatric. Moreover, imaging presets, a gesture-driven touch screen, and powerful unique workflow features are all user customizable resulting in increased exam efficiency and patient throughput.

In addition to the mainstay features, the premium radiology package includes basic and vascular DICOM structured reports.


Women’s Imaging

High performance single crystal transabdominal transducers provide exquisite spatial and contrast resolution in obstetric and gynecological examinations.  The core ZST+ imaging architecture, which acquires and creates B-mode and color Doppler images ten times faster than conventional beam forming methods, ensures that fetal cardiac and gynecological hemodynamic states are displayed in true real-time.  The V11-3HU probe brings the same superb imaging and Doppler capabilities to intracavitary exams.

For breast imaging, the L14-5WU probe yields image uniformity, reduced speckle and shadow artifacts while maintaining the legacy ZST pixel-by-pixel focusing across the field of view.  The high frequency L20-5U is ideal for examining and localizing very superficial lesions.

In addition to the mainstay features, the women’s imaging package includes advanced calculation software (Smart OB, Smart FLC, Smart NT) as well as basic and OB DICOM structured reports.


Shared Services

With a tailored selection of high performance transducers and a full range of user-customizable workflow features, imaging presets, and calculation software options, the Resona 7 provides the ideal solution for shared cardiovascular service settings.

In addition to the mainstay features, the shared service package includes cardiac and vascular DICOM structured reports.