Vital Signs Monitors

When evaluating overall patient health, vital signs monitors are an efficient method for collecting accurate readings. Our Vital Signs Monitors have been consistently relied on by hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices for over 40 years. The Accutorr 7 and Accutorr 3 models, first released in 2014, continue the tradition of timely and accurate vital sign data collection for comprehensive care.

A person’s vital signs indicate how his or her body is operating at a given time. Vital signs monitors offer a flexible solution for accurate vital analyses. Compact, lightweight, and portable monitors are easy to use providing an authentic measurement of a patient’s temperature, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, respiratory rate, and heart rate. Current health practices rely on data from vital signs monitors to ensure optimal spot checks for low acuity areas of your hospital.


vs9 vital signs monitor

VS9 Vital Signs Monitor

Loaded with functionality and parameters that provide tools to support clinical decisions, the VS9 offers spot check and continuous vital signs monitoring to help clinicians get a complete picture of patient health.
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Accutorr 3 - Spot Check Monitor

Accutorr 3 Spot Check Monitor

Compact, lightweight, portable. The Accutorr 3 is a spot check monitor that is easy to transport, easy to use.
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Vital Signs Monitor Supplies for Hospitals

Supplies and Accessories

From blood pressure cuffs to rolling stands, Mindray provides the supplies and accessories to keep you productive.
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Vital Signs Monitors for Healthcare Professionals

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Monitoring vital signs is a critical practice for clinicians to gauge a patient’s general health and well being. By quickly and efficiently observing a person’s vital signs, medical professionals can then work to determine the appropriate next steps.

Often, a person may not exhibit symptoms and claim that they feel well during or after high-stress situations. By measuring vital signs, medical professionals and first responders can analyze how that person’s body is truly reacting to a situation.

A full line of supplies and accessories such as blood pressure cuffs are available to use with your monitoring systems.