Connectivity Module

Powerful Device Integration at the Bedside

The BeneLink Connectivity Module consolidates essential patient data at the primary patient monitor supporting a more complete patient assessment at the bedside. BeneLink is designed for use with high acuity Mindray patient monitors in the OR and ICU environments. Connecting as many as four external medical devices, BeneLink is a cost-effective solution for integration of ventilators, anesthesia systems and other standalone devices.

The BeneLink Devices Integration Window allows the display of essential patient data from third-party devices at the Mindray bedside monitor, BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System (DMS) workstation or via BeneVision CMS Viewer. At each, parameter data from the external devices is incorporated into the graphic and tabular trends, further aiding clinical assessment and decision-making. Such consolidation enables critical patient data and alarms to be displayed, saved, recorded, printed and calculated at the bedside monitor, thereby supporting highly efficient workflow and patient management.

Key Features

  • Simple, cost-effective solution to interface external medical devices to Mindray bedside patient monitors
  • Compatible with Mindray BeneVision N-Series (N12, N15, N17, N19, N22) and Passport Series (12m, 17m) modular patient monitors
  • Seamlessly integrates real-time data from a variety of ventilators, anesthesia systems and standalone devices
  • BeneLink Devices Integration Window (on the Mindray bedside monitor, BeneVision DMS WorkStation or BeneVision CMS Viewer) displays integrated parameter data, settings and alarms
  • Data displayed includes device type, up to 24 numerics, alarm status and device mode (i.e. ventilation)
  • Parameters received from external medical devices are also included in the bedside monitor graphic and tabular trends
  • Single-width module with four RJ-45 ports supports connectivity of up to four devices simultaneously
  • All data collected through the BeneLink module securely passes to the EMR through the Mindray eGateway and BeneVision DMS (if applicable), providing a comprehensive patient record
  • Capable of accepting data feeds and exporting all monitor data in DIAP (serial) output

Supported Anesthesia Systems

Fabius GS
Fabius GS Premium (for BeneVision N-Series only)
Fabius Tiro
Perseus A500
Primus (for Passport M-Series monitors only)
GEAestiva 7900/7100
Aespire 7900/7100
AespireView (for BeneVision N-Series only)
Aisys CS2 (for BeneVision N-Series only)
Avance / Avance CS2
MindrayA-Series (A7, A5, A4, A3)
A8/A9 (for BeneVision N-Series only)

Supported Infusion Systems (BeneVision N-Series Monitors only)

B. BraunPerfusor Space
FreseniusAgilia Injectomat
Agilia Injectomat MC
Agilia Injectomat TIVA
Agilia Volumat
Agilia Volumat MC
Fresenius Link+

Supported tcGas Monitoring Devices

TCM 4 (for BeneVision N-Series only)
TCM Tosca / TCM CombiM (for Passport M-Series only)
SenTecSenTec Digital Monitor

Supported Ventilators

CarefusionAvea (for BeneVision N-Series only)
DraegerBabylog 8000 / Babylog 8000 plus
Evita 2 / Evita XL / Evita 2 Dura / Evita 4
Infinity V500
Babylog VN500
Savina 300
GECarescape R860
HamiltonC1/ C2/ C3 / T1 (Polling Protocol) (C1 and T1 are for BeneVision N-Series only)
G5 (Block Protocol)
G5 (Polling Protocol)
Galileo (Polling Protocol)
MaquetSERVO-i / SERVO-s
PhilipsRespironics V60
Puritan BennettPB840 (SNDF protocol)
PB840 (SNDA protocol)
PB980 (SNDF protocol)
PB980 (SNDA protocol)
ResMedVSIII (Passport M-Series only)

Supported Other Devices

Organon (NMT monitoring )TOF Watch SX*

Exceptional Service & Support

Purchase from Mindray includes comprehensive clinical training by Mindray’s specialists. Additionally, technical remote support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no charge.

Our dedicated field service team and in-house technical support organization represent one of the largest direct service teams in the industry. Individually and collectively they are committed to enhancing patient care while protecting your investment.