BeneVision N-Series Parameter Modules

Mindray offers an extensive set of parameter modules to meet the varied demands of high acuity environments throughout the care continuum.

BeneVision N1 Monitor/Module

  • ECG, Masimo SET RD™ Technology SpO2 (available Nellcor® OxiMax®), Respiration, Dual Invasive Blood Pressures, Temperature, NIBP
  • Transport monitor capability with 5.5” touchscreen display
  • Integrated CO2 Option

Platinum Multi-Parameter Module

  • ECG, Masimo SET RD™ Technology SpO2 (available Nellcor OxiMax) , Respiration, Dual Invasive Blood Pressures, Temperature, NIBP

CO2 Module

Carbon dioxide monitoring

  • Sidestream
  • Oridion Microstream™


IBP Module

  • Invasive blood pressure monitoring


CO Module

  • Cardiac output monitoring using thermodilution method


CCO/SvO2 Module

Continuous cardiac output and mixed venous oxygen saturation monitoring when interfaced with Edwards EV1000 and HemoSphere monitors


ScvO2 Module

  • Central venous oxygen saturation module monitoring


Masimo SET SpO2 Module

  • Pulse oxygen saturation module monitoring


Nellcor OxiMax™ SpO2 Module

  • Pulse oxygen saturation module monitoring

Temperature Module

  • Continuous skin and core temperature monitoring

AG Module

  • Anesthetic gas with O2 monitoring

AG with BIS™ Module

  • Anesthetic gas with O2 and Bispectral Index (BIS™) monitoring

BIS™ Module

  • Bispectral Index (BIS™) monitoring

INVOS™ Regional Oximetry Module

  • Regional Oxygen Saturation (rSO2 ) monitoring

NMT Module

  • Neuromuscular transmission monitoring
  • Simple and accurate technique to measure response to nerve stimulation
  • Provides indication of patient’s neuromuscular status
  • Data integrated into N-Series display; can be exported to EMR

BeneLink Module

  • Used for integration of information from a connected bedside device


EEG Module

  • Electroencephalography module for monitoring cerebral function by measuring the electrical activity of the brain
  • Continuously monitors EEG signal from up to four channels

Exceptional Service & Support

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