Mindray expands its portfolio with a new innovative, dedicated OB/GYN ultrasound machine, the Imagyn I9.

Mahwah, N.J. – June 28, 2022 – Mindray, a global leader and developer of healthcare technologies and solutions for ultrasoundpatient monitoring, and anesthesia, announced the launch of a new ultrasound product to address the unique demands of busy OB/GYN practices — the Imagyn I9 Ultrasound Machine. The Imagyn I9 Ultrasound System is Mindray’s first dedicated OB/GYN product slated to meet the rigorous demands of OB/GYN practices. The new system has unique design elements that focus on usability and ergonomics within the OB/GYN space, including elevated transducer ports, a fully free-floating user interface, and customizable E-Ink keys.

Powered by Mindray’s revolutionary ZONE Sonography® Technology+ (ZST+) and leveraging AI-enhanced technologies, the Imagyn I9 Ultrasound System uses auto clinical scenario identification and automation at every point, from imaging optimization to planes acquisition, quantification, and creating an automated workflow. The Imagyn I9 Ultrasound System provides a full-stack smart solution for efficient women’s health, covering wide-ranging applications from pre-pregnancy to obstetric to post-partum.

“As we continue to strengthen our position in women’s health, the addition of the Imagyn I9 Ultrasound Machine shows our dedication to advance medical technologies to make healthcare more accessible,” said Wayne Quinn, President of Mindray North America. Quinn continued, “We are pleased to introduce the first dedicated OB/GYN ultrasound system powered by our revolutionary ZST+. This milestone will tremendously impact women’s health clinicians and empower them to deliver high-quality care with peace of mind.”

Mindray develops meaningful ultrasound solutions to help clinicians provide timely answers and elevate patient care. Mindray’s innovative, accessible ultrasound machines deliver exceptional image quality with a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced technologies to help clinicians improve reproducibility, optimize productivity, and achieve consistency. The Imagyn I9 Ultrasound System features innovative design elements such as an intelligent iConsole control panel, a 2-hour continuous scanning battery, and quiet operation. Breaking the mold of conventional ultrasound systems and bringing ease-of-use and ergonomics into the limelight, the Imagyn I9 Ultrasound System provides an entirely new experience driven by innovation.

Imagyn I9 Ultrasound System Advanced Technologies Highlights:

  • Sound Speed Compensation (SSC): Automatically detects and analyzes different tissue characteristics to determine and apply the optimal sound speed needed for improved image quality. This unique, one-touch, intelligent algorithm improves lateral, spatial, and contrast resolution and imaging at depth.
  • Glazing Flow: Provides optimal visualization by intuitively and dynamically displaying a 3D effect to blood flow with high definition and clarity, especially for tiny and overlapping vessels. This technology can also be applied post-processing.
  • Smart Face: Delivers a fast and intelligent optimization for fetal face with a simple one-touch operation. It can immediately remove occlusions such as cord, placenta, uterus, and extremities in the volume data to generate an optimal view of the fetal face, reducing the need for time-consuming manual adjustments.
  • Smart Planes CNS: Provides a robust and user-friendly solution to automatically detect planes and calculate frequently used measurements of the central nervous system (CNS) in fetal brain examinations with one-touch. By automating these measurements, exam times decrease, allowing more time to focus on anatomy.

The Imagyn I9 Ultrasound is available immediately through Mindray’s trusted partners. Mindray’s ultrasound solutions, including the Imagyn I9, command the industry’s best investment protection and total cost of ownership with a standard 5-year warranty and Mindray’s exclusive Living Technology™ promise that provides customers with easily upgradable software enhancements. Through innovative solutions like the Imagyn I9, Mindray continues to drive its mission forward, advancing medical technologies to make healthcare more accessible.

About Mindray

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