With a maximized design and best-in-class image quality, the new TE7 Max Ultrasound Machine is poised to seriously disrupt the Point of Care ultrasound industry

MAHWAH, N.J. – October 26, 2021 – Mindray North America, a leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of medical devices, today announced the launch of a new product that is maximizing the potential of ultrasound in the Point of Care (POC) market: the TE7 Max Ultrasound System. This new product has an unrivaled 21.5 inch vertically oriented high-definition LED display and a sealed touch-based interface to truly maximize what clinicians can see. This product introduction comes after Mindray was recognized as one of the top three ultrasound leaders in the USA, with two of their ultrasound machines listed in the “Top 13 Selling POC Ultrasound Products in 2020” in the most recent Klein Biomedical Consultants, Inc. (KBC) Point of Care report1.

The TE7 Max Ultrasound Machine is designed to exceed the requirements of demanding POC environments. This System provides best-in-class image quality and a superior user experience during rapid clinical assessments and procedures. Unlike traditional Point of Care Ultrasound machines (POCUS), the TE7 Max provides clinicians with comprehensive and customizable workflow protocols (iWorksTM) and an extensive suite of artificial intelligence (AI) powered Smart Tools all in a compact footprint so they can quickly move from patient-to-patient prioritizing efficiency, reproducibility, and quality for all end-users.

“Five years ago, Mindray set a new standard for Point of Care ultrasound with the launch of the TE7,” said Mindray’s Sr. Director of Marketing, Ultrasound, Maher Elhihi. Elhihi continued, “that System was truly ahead of its time, and today many of our competitors have tried to emulate. As a leader in Emergency Medicine ultrasound, it is our responsibility to push the technology forward, and the new TE7 Max raises the bar yet again and empowers our customers to provide the highest quality of care now and in the future.”

With over 30 years of experience, Mindray has deep-seated roots and a sole focus on the healthcare industry. Since its founding, Mindray has been dedicated to developing innovative and accessible ultrasound solutions. This keen focus allows them to partner together with clinicians and break the boundaries to innovation. The TE7 Max Ultrasound System continues this legacy of disruptive technology, taking ultrasound to new heights that have not been reached before. The slim cart and large screen beautifully display Mindray’s leading-edge technologies and everyday applications that meet the diverse evolving demands of POC environments.

Using AI-powered Smart Tools (Smart B-Line, Smart VTI, Smart IVC), this portable ultrasound system can help assess volume status and fluid responsiveness in critically ill patients. With advanced applications (Smart FHR, Smart Bladder, Auto EF) the TE7 Max can help clinicians during rapid clinical assessments and procedures at the patients’ bedside or on the go. It is also equipped with the most advanced suite of needle-guidance technologies (eSpacial Navi™ 4D Magnetic Needle Navigation Technology and iNeedle+™) to help streamline workflow and improve accuracy with needle-guided procedures.

The TE7 Max Ultrasound Machine is backed by Mindray’s exclusive Living Technology™ promise that provides customers with easily upgradable software enhancements to secure product investment protection and keep their ultrasound machines at the leading edge of imaging performance excellence throughout the product’s life cycle. Mindray’s ultrasound solutions command a powerful return on investment by offering the industry’s best investment protection and total cost of ownership. Through innovative solutions like the TE7 Max, Mindray continues to drive its mission forward, advancing medical technologies to make healthcare more accessible.


  1. “The Point-Of-Care/Handheld Ultrasound Systems Market in the USA: On the Brink of Disruption? 2020 Report”, Klein Biomedical Consultants, Inc.

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