Mindray features recently developed pediatric solutions for Resona 7 System at the annual Society of Pediatric Radiology Conference

CEUS, new transducers, and other capabilities specifically designed to provide significant diagnostic support for key patient population

Nashville, Tenn. – May 15, 2018 – Mindray, a developer of next generation ultrasound technology, is featuring a significant new upgrade for its premium Resona 7 ultrasound system at the annual Society of Pediatric Radiology (SPR) Conference being held in Nashville May 15 – 18, 2018. Several of the new capabilities offer a significant enhancement for ultrasound imaging of the pediatric patient including second generation contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging (CEUS) and new pediatric transducers.

“Our CEUS solution offers the clinician many advantages,” said Krista Acosta, senior marketing manager, Radiology for Mindray. “Enabled by ZONE Sonograpy® Technology (ZST+), CEUS with the Resona 7 provides clear image uniformity and enhanced tissue imaging with the contrast agent.”

Mindray’s second generation CEUS imaging uses both harmonic and fundamental signals to elevate contrast and temporal resolution during CEUS studies. ZST+ enables the system’s Advanced Acoustic Acquisition™ to allow longer duration of perfusion in tissue and organ assessment during CEUS exams along with good sensitivity with low mechanical index (MI). It also makes a lower dosage of agents possible as well.

Newly designed pediatric transducers with Dynamic Pixel focusing, provide the detail at depth pediatric radiology departments need. These include the  C11-3 for Neonatal head and body imaging, P10-4 for Neonatal Echocardiography and P7-3 for Pediatric Echocardiography, offering the clinician a robust new suite of pediatric transducers.

In addition, Advanced Acoustic Acquisition, a software acquisition technique that breaks with traditional line-by-line imaging and instead uses large zones to acquire 90 percent more echo data at speeds of up to 10 times faster than conventional systems, enables fast frame rates that can keep up with the restless pediatric patient. The results are crystal clear images with exceptional temporal accuracy bringing diagnostic confidence to all imaging challenges.

“The continuing evolution of ZST+ offers a rich package of new diagnostic capabilities and enhancements,” said Acosta. “This Sapphire edition for the Resona 7 system provides further evidence of the power of Mindray’s Living Technology, designed to keep our customers at the cutting-edge of ultrasound solutions while offering a superb solution for pediatric radiology imaging needs.”


About Mindray

Mindray is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices worldwide. Mindray maintains its global headquarters in Shenzhen, China; North American headquarters in Mahwah, New Jersey; and multiple development facilities and offices in major international markets including an ultrasound Innovation Center in Silicon Valley. Mindray supplies a broad range of products across three primary business segments, patient monitoring and life support, in-vitro diagnostics, and medical imaging systems.


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