M9 Specialties



With a new generation of technologies, the Mindray M9 offers users a fully featured platform with premium image quality. The compact M9 cardiac system, weighing only 12.8 lbs. (5.8 kg), is versatile, offering a dynamic LV analysis package, advanced Stress Echo with LVO and bedside TEE exams. Scan technically difficult patients with a high level of diagnostic confidence with the M9 ultrasound system.

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Delivering excellence in Doppler sensitivity with intuitive workflow, vascular evaluation with the M9 is fast, accurate, and consistent. A full family of transducers permits a complete range of vascular imaging capabilities from small superficial peripheral vessels to deep abdominal visceral vasculature. With its small footprint and ease of portability, the M9 is also an ideal solution for bedside vascular access guidance and interventional procedures.

  • Auto IMT
  • iWorks™ with iNsert™ automated exam protocols
  • DICOM structured vascular reporting package


Point of Care

Emergency Medicine

With its premium performance, the M9 provides diagnostic confidence for immediate patient care decisions. Extreme portability, 3+ hour battery life, and specialized applications, make the M9 an ideal partner during emergent situations.

Critical Care

The M9 is an excellent choice for critical patient examinations in intensive care environments. TEE probe compatibility and streamlined workflow are supported for bedside application.


With its compact size and advanced features, including iNeedle™ visualization, dedicated nerve exam presets, and TEE transducer, the M9 is an ideal system for ultrasound-guided nerve block and intraoperative cardiac monitoring. The M9’s intuitive workflow makes operation efficient for the demanding OR environment.