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Improved Access Enabling Better Patient Care

As the healthcare market continues to evolve, Mindray’s revolutionary value proposition empowers hospitals to take control of their future.

“Mindray’s five-year warranty and investment protection will ensure me, my team, and our patients are at the forefront of ultrasound technology today and in the future.” – Brian D. Coley, MD, Radiologist-in-Chief at Cincinnati Children’s

According to the annual ranking published by U.S. News World Report, each of the Top 20 Best Hospitals in the U.S. are using Mindray solutions. As a working part of the day-to-day operations of thousands of healthcare centers nationwide, we are committed to ensuring you have the tools, technologies and resources you need to provide outstanding patient care. In collaboration with institutions like yours, we strive to set a new standard of excellence in technology and long-term vendor partnerships.

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An Industry in Flux

A national healthcare system that, for generations, has been focused on volume has been steadily making the shift to a market based on value. Every needle, bandage, medication, piece of equipment, test and scan must be looked at through the lens of need, outcomes, patient satisfaction, and more. As hospitals and providers are challenged to provide better care at lower costs, ultrasound as a modality continues to increase in popularity. With many budgets remaining stagnant, and patient numbers increasing, clinicians are turning to ultrasound for a more cost effective, real-time, non-ionizing radiation alternative to CT or MRI scans. As the system continues to evolve, healthcare providers must continue to evolve with it. That’s why Mindray is working hard to empower higher standards in productivity, quality of care, patient outcomes and cost containment. We are confident that our partnership can help shape outcomes and offer innovative solutions, all while providing an unmatched total cost of ownership for you and the patients you have dedicated your life to.

Five-Year Warranty

5 year ultrasound warrantyWhen medical equipment breaks down, not only are there clinical implications, but negative effects on workflow and productivity as well. As a provider of medical solutions, Mindray is acutely aware that the performance of its products profoundly affects the value of systems purchased and, more importantly, the quality of patient care. Service contracts can cost up to 10 percent of system purchase price per year and loss of revenue from decreased patient throughput when service issues arise can wreak havoc on capital budgets.

Due to the power and flexibility of our software-based technologies, Mindray is able to provide regular upgrades and on-going technical service support to our systems at no additional charge. We believe so deeply in our products and their reliability that we offer an unprecedented five-year* guarantee on all of our systems. This encompasses parts (normal wear and failure – includes cart, scan module, and transducers), service needs, and software updates** at no additional cost. This warranty provides Mindray with the accountability to assure your systems’ reliability throughout the entire life cycle and provides your imaging department with some much needed peace of mind.

Living TechnologyTM

Living Technology is Mindray’s approach to providing customers with easily upgradable ultrasound enhancements based on its unique and proprietary technologies. Often when new medical equipment is purchased, there exists a brief moment in which everyone wants that best new thing. Unfortunately, that excitement fades as newer technologies arrive. With Mindray ultrasound machines, that new technology feeling is here to stay. For the life of the warranty, each machine you purchase will maintain the same advanced technologies as a system purchased five years in the future. No more systems collecting dust and costing dollars while falling out of date. These upgrades secure product investment protection by ensuring that Mindray’s products remain at the cutting-edge of imaging performance excellence throughout the system’s entire life cycle.

A Trusted Partner for a New Era

Mindray is dedicated to providing world-class solutions that meet the clinical and financial needs or a diverse range of healthcare institutions. Through it all, we are steadfast in our vision to provide better healthcare for all and a clearer vision for your future.

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* Standard 5 year warranty is available for systems purchased directly from Mindray North America. Warranties for systems purchased from Mindray authorized agents can vary.

** Upgrades, such as new application packages and hardware, are optional purchases

Link to download PDF: https://www.mindraynadev.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/2020-Q1-Value-Driver_Final_NEW-Template_RAD.pdf

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