Mindray Answers Evolving Needs of Healthcare Industry with New Ultrasound Machine

Leading developer of innovative ultrasound machines releases new DC-90 Ultrasound System with X-Insight to address the ongoing and rapid changes in today’s healthcare environment

Mahwah, N.J. – December 02, 2019 – Mindray, a global leader in the development of innovative healthcare technology, today announced the launch of its newest ultrasound machine: The DC-90 with X-Insight. The DC-90 Ultrasound System with X-Insight focuses on clinician requirements, such as providing a more comprehensive and dedicated solution to ultrasound imaging and improving product usability to enhance diagnostic confidence.

“At Mindray, we have a vision of better healthcare for all, and we believe this system is a clear testament to that,” said Wayne Quinn, President of Mindray North America. “For the development of this product, we listened to our current and potential partners and observed the industry as a whole. It was important for us to deliver a reliable, highly-capable system that would round out our radiology portfolio and align with the financial goals of a broader range of institutions. The DC-90 System addresses these needs and more.”

The DC-90 with X-Insight provides outstanding performance with advanced capabilities across a wide range of applications. The System is equipped with Sound Touch Elastography (STE), Ultra-Wideband Non-Linear (UWN+) contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS), complete quantitative tools for vascular perfusion analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as Smart Plane CNS. Leading-edge transducer technologies, including Single Crystal, 3T™ and ComboWave, combine to enable better penetration, higher resolution and increased image uniformity. While the new X-Engine, integrated with both GPU and CPU, enables multi-core parallel processing for fast frame rates and superb clarity.

“In today’s fast-paced and demanding hospital environment, clinicians are challenged to identify high-risk patients efficiently, track disease progression quantifiably, and make informed decisions to optimize treatment efficacy,” said Maher Elhihi, Director of Marketing, Mindray North America Ultrasound. “To address these evolving needs, Mindray continues to develop innovative solutions that provide uncompromised reliability, precision imaging and enhanced clinician experience.”

Based on an insightful look into customer needs, the DC-90 System is designed to deliver high efficiency and dynamic performance, with intelligent, precise, and clear imaging. Through innovative solutions like the DC-90 System, Mindray is committed to putting healthcare within reach.

About Mindray

Mindray is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of medical device solutions and technologies used in healthcare facilities around the globe. We believe we can change lives by making the most advanced healthcare technology attainable for all. We do this by empowering healthcare professionals through innovative, high-value solutions that help create the next generation of life-saving tools across three primary business segments: medical imaging, patient monitoring and life support, and in-vitro diagnostics. Mindray maintains its global headquarters in Shenzhen, China; Mindray North America is headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey. Our Ultrasound Innovation Center is located in San Jose, California, with additional facilities in major international markets around the world.