Utilizing advanced technology for early detection of an ambulatory patient’s changing condition, the new BeneVision TM70 Telemetry Transmitter expands coverage to the licensed and FCC-protected WMTS spectrum (1.4GHz), providing a versatile wearable monitoring solution across the hospital enterprise.

 MAHWAH, N.J. – March 1, 2021 – Mindray North America, a global manufacturer of medical device solutions and technologies, today announced the release of the BeneVision TM70 Telemetry platform for the U.S. market. Taking full advantage of the licensed and FCC-protected Wireless Medical Telemetry Service (WMTS) spectrum, TM70 telemetry and the BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System (DMS) expand Mindray’s telemetry offering to the 1.4GHz bandwidth, further supporting continuous monitoring of ambulating patients and gap-free patient data to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

“The BeneVision TM70 puts groundbreaking telemetry technology within reach, placing exceptional performance, reliability and scalability into the hands of clinicians of high-volume telemetry and step-down departments,” said Michael Mullen, Senior Marketing Manager – Service and Support, Mindray North America. “Our flexible BeneVision telemetry offerings are now expanded to include protected WMTS TM70 telemetry and the 5GHz WiFi TM80 telemetry solution. Such flexibility in platform solutions is consistent with Mindray’s commitment to apply meaningful innovation to drive impactful results such as improved patient outcomes and increased staff productivity,” continued Mike.

An integral part of the BeneVision DMS solution, BeneVision TM70 empowers clinical decision-making at bedside, directly at the telemeter. This state-of-the-art telemetry platform incorporates design-driven patient safety attributes specific to the needs of ambulating patients such as real-time device location, local alarms and on-board arrhythmia detection. Furthermore, deployment of a ”virtual fence” to identify boundaries for mobilized patients, optimizes patient safety while efficiently managing an institution’s assets.

BeneVision TM70 telemetry is another excellent example of the constant innovation that is taking place at Mindray. Joining the likes of the N-Series patient monitoring series including the BeneVision N1 Transport Monitor/Module, and the industry leading A-Series Advantage anesthesia systems, BeneVision TM70 provides a complete solution meeting the needs of not only clinicians, but also the technological demands of today’s complex healthcare systems.

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