At Mindray, we believe in a better future for our clinicians and patients. Our newest A8 and A9 anesthesia platform embodies this philosophy by retaining traditional features while introducing disruptive technology to maximize patient safety, help improve patient outcomes, complement the way clinicians work best, and increase efficiency in the perioperative environment.

Maximize Patient Safety

Complement Clinical Workflow

Enhance Efficiency

The high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) plays an important role in maintaining safe oxygen saturation in patients to help clinicians intubate more easily, especially for patients with poor oxygen saturation such as bariatric, pediatric, critically ill, or those with a difficult airway.

  • Direct setting of total flow and O2 concentration with maximum flow up to 60 L/min
  • Built-in design, with no additional gas or power source, to remove clutter and save space
  • Quick start-up for emergency situations to improve patient saturation quickly

Innovative breathing system for ICU-level ventilation

The A8/A9 introduces the volume exchanger (VE) as an innovative breathing system that delivers extremely precise and reliable ventilation to optimize patient safety during anesthesia.

  • Quick wash-in & wash-out due to small system volume
  • Precise ventilation for all patients, from adults to neonates, with tidal volume settings as low as 5 ml
  • Visual VE indicator clearly illustrates the breathing system ventilation state
  • No moving components reduce malfunction risk and support increased reliability and maximized uptime

Protective ventilation toolkits to prevent PPCs

Customizable profiles help you work smarter

Configured profiles can be customized and loaded easily for different clinical scenarios or use requirements, including default values, screen layout and system configuration during a case.

A8/A9 Anesthesia Workstations

Comprehensive, fast and simple automatic system check

Introducing the A9 Anesthesia Workstation

Reduced environmental and economic impact

Integration and connectivity

Industry Leading 3-Year Warranty Coverage

Protecting your investment is important. As your trusted partner, we will assure your systems’ reliability throughout the life cycle, providing you with peace of mind. We offer an industry leading 3-year warranty on all our anesthesia systems.


Introducing the A9 Anesthesia Workstation

A8/A9 Built-in HFNC to Maximize Patient Safety

A8/A9 Innovative Breathing System for ICU-level Ventilation

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