Anesthetic Vaporizers

Mindray offers a full range of electronic and mechanical anesthetic vaporizers for use with the A-Series Anesthesia machines.

V90 electronic vaporizers provide precise agent delivery in a familiar position and notify the user when agent gets low

• Classic positioning with added handles eases burden of removal and refilling
• Quickly wash out agent from the breathing circuit with preset high flow rate to expedite the recovery phase
• Safety fill design automatically switches off when cover is opened
• Allows for refilling mid-case with self-seal and pressure release design
• Can be adjusted via knob, slide virtual dial or target value screen
• Maintenance free and require no calibration over their useful life
• Compatible with A9 anesthesia machine only

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V60 and Vapor 2000 ensure a constant output and accurate concentration of anesthetic agents with their Automatic Flow/Temperature/Pressure Compensation

• Maintenance free and require no calibration over their useful life
• Can support fresh gas flow as low as 0.2L/min to support low flow anesthesia
• Real time agent consumption and end-of-case agent usage
• Large capacity design of the V60 Series accommodates up to 360ml of anesthetic agent with dry wick
• Compatible with an SELECTATEC®* style mounting system
*SELECTATEC is a registered trademark of Datex-Ohmeda.

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Industry Leading 3-Year Warranty Coverage

Protecting your investment is important. As your trusted partner, we will assure your systems’ reliability throughout the life cycle, providing you with peace of mind. We offer an industry leading 3-year warranty on all our anesthesia systems.

Anesthesia Machines for Healthcare Professionals.

Exceptional Service and Support

Mindray vaporizers come with a standard 1-year warranty and include comprehensive clinical training by Mindray’s specialists when purchased in conjunction with Mindray A-Series products.  Additionally, technical remote support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no charge.

Our dedicated field service team and in-house technical support organization represent one of the largest direct service teams in the industry.  Individually and collectively they are committed to enhancing patient care while protecting your investment.

* SELECTATEC is a registered trademark of Datex-Ohmeda.