Ambulatory Surgery Solutions

As the range and complexity of surgeries increase in the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) environment, Mindray can assist with perioperative solutions tailored to the needs of these sites. We recognize your role in providing best-in-class patient care across all acuity levels, which is why we create products suited to your clinical needs in this unique environment.

Our portfolio of anesthesia, patient monitoring and ultrasound solutions helps increase clinician productivity, allowing clinicians to focus on keeping even their short-term patients safe with ideal outcomes after discharge, all while recognizing the need to keep total cost minimal in this challenging cost-contained environment. The A4 Advantage Anesthesia System, along with Mindray’s ePM 10M and 12M patient monitors, are the inspired result of innovation and exceptional efficiency. Additionally, the TE7 Ultrasound System is an excellent choice for the required versatility and demands in the fast-paced, point of care environment. Together, we are creating a higher standard for healthcare in the ambulatory surgery setting.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Durable and reliable solutions that are easy to clean and offer intuitive safety-focused technology keep your patients safe, so that you can focus on providing excellent patient care and ensure your patient is protected even after they leave the ASC.

Increased Clinician Productivity

Small footprints, plus easy operation with instinctive feedback, make these intuitive devices a fitting complement to clinical workflow in ASC-based cases.

Revolutionary Total Cost of Ownership

Cost-effective solutions and industry-leading warranties on anesthesia and patient monitors, coupled with Living Technology™ on our Ultrasound devices, keep your equipment functioning at its best and minimize any down time.

Streamlined Anesthesia Workflow

The A4 Advantage Anesthesia System is exceptionally efficient with a flexible and adaptive design for effective patient care across a range of ASC types. Workflow is streamlined with the intuitive, touchscreen user interface, ample storage, and accessory mounting options in an award-winning, ergonomic design. Low-flow agent delivery capabilities and additional built-in safety features help keep patients safely anesthetized during and after their surgery. Direct HL7 data output provides industry-standard connectivity for AIMS and EMR systems, reducing the expenses associated with data integration.
A4 Advantage System

Exceptional Usability Optimizes Point-of-Care Efficiency

Mindray’s ePM 10M and 12M patient monitors are the inspired result of cutting-edge innovation and exceptional efficiency. Clinicians appreciate the measurable benefits of the smartphone-like user interface that delivers 90% of all common monitoring functions with just 2 gestures, helping them work efficiently and driving overall productivity during pre- and post-surgical care. Designed for the specialized needs of the ASC setting, the ePM monitors offer integrated 3/5-lead ECG, SpO2, NIBP, respiration, and temperature standard. Optional CO2, IBP and multi-gas module (12M only) provide a robust OR monitoring solution. The ePM 10M and 12M deliver advanced technologies paired with a standard 3-year warranty which help to satisfy total cost-of-ownership goals and enable positive financial outcomes in this highly cost-sensitive outpatient market.
ePM 10M/12M Patient Monitors

Ultrasound Solutions for More Confident Procedures

With best-in-class image quality, a sleek form factor, and breakthrough needle visualization advancements, the TE7 Ultrasound System is designed to provide superior performance for rapid, confident procedures in the fast-paced Point of Care environment. The TE7 System incorporates an intuitive touchscreen and focused Point of Care protocols designed to standardize and reduce exam times. The System’s second generation iVocal voice recognition technology and programmable-button transducer technology allows for a hands-free scanning experience, ideal for sterile environments and further supporting a safe patient experience.
TE7 Ultrasound System

Exceptional Service & Support

Committed to best-in-class engagement with our customers, Mindray takes pride in providing exceptional support throughout the partnership journey. Our dedicated field service team and in-house technical support organization represent one of the largest, most skilled direct service teams in the industry. Support resources are available 24-hours/7-days, ensuring uptime and peace of mind.